Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Welcome to my first blog post.  By way of introduction, I am a solo practicing attorney located in downtown Chicago.  About 60% of my practice revolves around mortgages, mortgage foreclosures and homeowner protection.  The rest is made up of some bankruptcy, consumer fraud/protection, real estate and a bit of small business creation.  The landscape for foreclosure work has changed drastically since 2008 and it continues to do so.  It is my goal to stay abreast of current cases as well as share war stories with other consumer attorneys and consumer clients.  I hope that this blog will aid in that goal.

In the coming weeks and months you can expect this feed to populate with various stories and sources relating to consumer law and consumer protection.  I hope to share my knowledge and experiences from the "field" (Cook, Lake, DuPage, Will county Circuit Court) with all of you.  I am always open to feedback via email and would love to hear from other attorneys or consumers about their experiences (win, lose or draw) with similar matters.

All the best in 2012 to all of you!